anita Album Horrifying Implications of Awesome Fantasy Movie Universes Pandora

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anita Album Horrifying Implications of Awesome Fantasy Movie Universes Pandora1

We humans devote a huge amount of our brain power to thinking of all the ways the world could suck less. Almost all of our entertainment is based on letting us escape to some other world where people can do magic and even the hardships look like fun.What is interesting, though, is how terrible our fictional fantasy worlds really are. They look like fun for two hours at a time, but with a little thought you see why living there would make you want to drink yourself into a stupor.Disney movies show us an animated world full of dashing heroes, Pandora bracelet beautiful princesses and loveable sidekicks. Everyone prances about so joyfully and carefree they must spontaneously burst into song and dance every once in a while just to let off steam.If you're a good person, a happy ending complete with riches and true love is pretty much guaranteed. Death is apparently uncommon, at least on screen. Evil doers will get their comeuppance and everything always works out in the end."And then I fucking DIE? I should have read this script earlier." In the Disney universe animals talk, which at first all looks like good fun. When you're feeling lonely or rejected by your fellow humans, you can always find an animal sidekick to provide conversation, keep you company or at least entertain you with their bumbling/farting antics. Crickets give you goal setting advice and adorable fish become your best friends. And even animals that apparently can't talk can still help out with household tasks, like the birds that help make a dress in Cinderella.Which makes it all the harder when it comes time to eat them.Yes, with every animal around you potentially being a fully conscious, thinking being, any animal product or service used by humans would involve murder, anita Album Horrifying Implications of Awesome Fantasy Movie Universes Pandora harassment or in the very least slave labor.Want to enjoy some seafood? Then you'd better be OK with listening to Sebastian, the crab from The Little Mermaid, crying in his pidgin English all the way down your throat. Merely milking a cow becomes sexual harassment.Becoming a non leather wearing vegan doesn't help either, because in this universe, inanimate objects can also be enchanted humans in disguise. Want to throw a cup at your prince after he comes home from another long night of "saving princesses," the stink of "magic potion" wafting from his crotch? Now you've shattered Ms. Teapot's son, you killer. Oh well, maybe he'll make you feel better by building a romantic fire with that old tree he just cut. Shopping Pandora With Wholesale Price: Tags: #Pandora #yupoo #yupoo Pandora #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress handbags #yupoo search #yupoo english #qiqi fashion #free vector #dhgate reviews